Storytelling for Impact in Business

Half-Day themed workshop

Yes, creating a story is a powerful way to build your business. Whether it is a story of your brand, values or leadership, there is a direct link with financial growth and company prosperity.

Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn have demonstrated through their “Significant Object’ study that stories have a dramatic impact on the bottom line. The net profit from their experiment was $3.6 million. A 2,700% increase in final markup.  Significant Object Study – Evidence

Zappos or Google are another great examples and Case Studies to that effect Entrepreneur Europe

In our Bitesize workshop we explore tips, techniques and, of course, practice Storytelling for Impact in Business.

Benefits for the Organisation:

  • Powerful tool in an organisational communication portfolio and strategy
  • Higher levels of awareness of communication techniques
  • Improved communication methods for a wide organisational reach such as Leadership, Values, Employer Branding or Change Management

Who is it for:

    • Organisations and individuals who want to discover the power of Storytelling in business context.
    • Organisations who would like to strengthen their message of their Values proposition,  Branding,  Manage Change or Customer Relationships
    • Leaders who would like to discover powerful tips, techniques and practice storytelling to persuade and provoke action


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